O amogelesegile mo Malaczynski Burn

Malaczynski Burn Ltd is a boutique investment consultant and risk management company. It is privately owned by its two founding shareholders, Nick Malaczynski and Alex Burn.

The shareholders have similar companies in the UK, Malta, South Africa and Swaziland, along with other financial business interests in the Middle East and the USA.
Risk management through understanding, measurement and control is the crux of the company’s work. Through education, jargon-free presentation and exposure to the latest academic thinking, trustees and directors will be fully empowered to take control of their own assets once all risks have been identified, prioritised and controlled. Malaczynski Burn is an authorised financial services provider.



Our group has a strong reputation for personalised service and product innovation. It has worked with central banks, governments, retirement funds, insurance companies and unions funds, and has pioneered risk management techniques wherever it has operated. We are independent, professional and devoted solely to providing value added investment consulting services to the trustees of retirement funds.