A pre-eminent provider of asset consulting


Malaczynski Burn group of companies aims to be the pre-eminent provider of asset consulting services in the UK, Middle East, and Africa.

We provide a superior level of personalised service, focusing on downside risk through product diversification, product innovation and benchmark selection and construction. An unsurpassed level of transparency and client empowerment makes us a premier asset consulting organisation.

Company Vision

The vision of the Malaczynski Burn Group is to create measurable value for its clients by dispensing innovative and bespoke investment advice. We draw on global best practice to improve performance, reduce risk and lower costs. We will only use experienced individuals with an interest in the business to service our clients.

We empower our clients by helping them to understand their difficult issues and make good decisions based on our advice. Many practitioners shroud their profession in a veil of jargon, making their advice difficult to understand and question. We demystify the practices so that our clients understand each phase in the process.

We believe in process-driven operations that enable clients to understand the investment environment and its different types of risk. This leads to realistic objectives that can be executed and monitored. We supply concise, jargon-free information in a format that enables business people to make business decisions. We focus on the critical elements of an investment policy, that is, environmental understanding, objectives, asset allocation, efficient execution and monitoring.